The media in general, and television and the Internet in particular, continue to define jurors' expectations. As such, the use of computer technology in the courtroom is no longer a novelty, but a requirement.

At Best Evidence, our trial support effort combines technological expertise with analytical insight to provide an elegant solution for identifying and presenting the vast amount of information inherent in complex litigation. Our multi-disciplinary approach makes highlighting and delivering your message at mediation or trial a complete team effort.

In-trial Support

As a valuable part of your team, Best Evidence is with you, "in the trenches", throughout the entire trial. Our trial consultants operate all courtroom equipment, and are available "after hours" to help coordinate modifications to the presentation. With cutting edge technology and a thorough understanding of your needs, we can help you present your case, clearly, memorably and persuasively.

Because all systems utilized in the courtroom are portable to the War Room, our teams are able to keep pace with the flow of the trial, adapting the presentation to constantly evolving information and conditions.

War Room Design

Call on us for procurement and installation of the following services in your War Room anywhere in the United States.

Equipment Rental

Best Evidence employs the most advanced, trial proven equipment based on rigorous real-life testing. Rather than promoting pre-fab systems, we consider variables such as venue, courtroom configuration, portability, and type of proceeding. Regardless of the size or scale of your needs, Best Evidence has the hardware solutions and installation expertise you demand.