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Settle, Stay the Course, or Shift Strategy?


Like any other important business decision, significant moves in litigation can’t be made based on feelings, hunches, or instinct.

When facing the unpredictability of a jury trial you need relevant, reliable metrics that inform and justify your decision-making.  Our proven approach will get you what you need.

Don’t just guess:  

  • How will a jury’s emotions impact their decision-making in my case?

  • Is my position too complex or technical for laypeople to understand?

  • Are my witnesses likeable and credible?

  • How do jurors react to the plaintiff’s damages claim?

  • Are there fatal gaps or flaws in my argument?

  • How do I identify my best and worst jurors?

If you can’t quantify your risks and opportunities, you can’t be confident making the right decision.

Get reliable jury metrics on the risks and opportunities in your specific case, as well as guidance for simplifying and improving the persuasive impact of your position.


Jury Research
Quantify Risk & Opportunities

Testing serves an essential and obvious role in all high-stakes endeavors for a reason. Whether you want to test themes, evaluate a witness, assess damages, competing liability theories, or determine with statistical significance the jurors you must exclude at trial, we can design an approach that will get you what you need on time and on budget.

Jury Appeal
Focus Your Signal, Eliminate the Noise


A confused jury is scary and unpredictable. No matter how “complex” your case, we can help you understand, simplify, and clarify your best message, and position counsel as a trusted guide through the evidence, with an easy-to-understand call-to-action that jurors can feel good about.


Jury Selection
Find Friends, Know Your Enemy

Data-driven insights for competitive advantage in the courtroom. Our proven jury selection process focuses on identifying and eliminating the most antagonistic jurors (preferably for cause) and developing effective lines of inquiry to address and influence the remaining jurors' perceptions of critical verdict issues.

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