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Best Evidence has been the jury consulting firm of choice for an elite group of financial institutions, professional service firms, media and technology companies, law firms, healthcare concerns, and other successful business enterprises and high-net-worth individuals.  We are called upon to play a trusted role in high-stakes and high-profile cases, including bet-the-company litigation and other matters with fundamental consequences for our clients.

And for over 25 years, we have been giving these clients the information they need to make smarter decisions in their most challenging and important lawsuits.

​Best Evidence has consistently helped clients achieve extraordinary results by providing trusted advice and methodological expertise at the highest levels.  We deliver a unique combination of creative insights and practical solutions, and have a reputation for reliability, discretion, and fierce commitment to optimizing client outcomes.

And while we are known for our clients’ many successes in the courtroom, we are equally proud to have helped many more avoid protracted and unprofitable litigation through dependable analysis and trusted advice.

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