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Client Successes 

Our clients have won jury trials across the country involving claims of IP infringement, breach of contract and duty, defamation, fraud, violations of FDUTPA, professional malpractice, and more.

Recent jury trial experience in the Middle District of Florida includes assisting with jury research and jury selection in a significant commercial trial for a large software company that ended in a favorable settlement two weeks in.  Prior to that, we helped in a fraud/breach of contract case that went very well for our Fortune 50 client. 

We conducted jury research and developed jury selection criteria for a large media company in a high-profile defamation case, which we also won.  We helped obtain a defense verdict and a $1 million counterclaim award in a $50 million, six-week jury trial of an alleged fraud, unfair competition, and tortious interference case for a worldwide technology concern. 

It is not uncommon for us to have multiple cases on different federal court dockets at any given point in time.  This is in addition to a heavy Circuit Court calendar of malpractice, injury, and contract cases.

Regardless of case-type, our jury research can uncover usable data that can be aggregated for precise and reliable jury selection criteria.  This can be used for written questionnaires and in suggested voir dire questions to the Court, a real advantage in federal court where attorney voir dire is limited.  If budget constraints or timing prevent conducting jury research for a particular case, we have developed a statistical profile of the characteristics shared by the most punitive awarders (the top 25%) as well as defense-oriented jurors ($0 awarders) based on our research around the country.

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