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Best Evidence is a Florida-based jury consulting and litigation support firm that partners with law firms, corporate counsel, and claims teams to optimize their litigation strategies.  We assist our clients by uncovering relevant and actionable information for improving risk analysis and strategy on novel, complex and high­-exposure cases.



Best Evidence has been retained to assist trial teams in a variety of case types and venues across the United States since 1997. Our wide range of experience culminates statistically with our proprietary Jury Analytics Database.  The database tracks juror characteristics and their association with verdict orientation and awarding behavior, with a particular focus on the most punitive-­minded.  We are focused on Florida, and are equipped to handle projects in any jurisdiction on short notice. A sampling of our results can be found at



Professional Malpractice, Personal Injury, Complex Commercial Litigation, Construction Defect, Bad Faith & Breach of Duty Claims



Evaluation:  Roundtables®, Focus Groups, Mock Trials, Witness Workouts, and Shadow Juries

Strategy:  Jury Selection, Creative brainstorming, Demonstrative Evidence Design, Opening/Closing Statement Development and Pacing



•    What themes gain the most traction with jurors in this venue?
•    What are jurors’ impressions of the parties and key witnesses?
•    How do jurors react to the plaintiff’s damages claim?
•    What are the strengths of my case?
•    What are the weaknesses of my case?
•    What questions do jurors want answered?


Case­-type and venue-specific references available upon request



Dan Walbolt, Jr.

Founder & CEO


800.648.5051  toll free




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