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Jury Research


We offer several different research approaches to fit the varying needs of our clients throughout the litigation cycle. Highlights of our most popular methodologies are below.   Please contact us for more specific information or for a confidential proposal custom-tuned to meet your specific objectives.

Best Evidence

Intercept Interviews


  • Great for quickly evaluating community attitudes towards the parties, awareness of, and initial gut reactions to the case

  • Customized to focus on 2-3 fulcrum issues

  • Quick setup and turnaround

  • Lowest cost




  • Designed for cases with open discovery

  • Our most flexible methodology

  • Best for evaluating the impact of an inconclusive but critical piece of evidence or argument

  • Lower cost



  • Designed to be used early in the case cycle

  • Best for testing general, overall themes of the case & discovering the key questions jurors want answered

  • Can be tailored to test alternative approaches to a case (e.g Admit vs contest liability)

  • Low cost


LiveFire℠ Witness Workout


  • Designed to get witnesses “in shape” for deposition or trial

  • Sessions provide intense practice and test jurors’ reactions to the witness

  • Excellent as a prep for deposition

  • Best for professional malpractice cases but applicable to any case where one person will be critically scrutinized

  • Low cost


Jury Focus Group


  • Designed for testing competing cases stories and evaluating liability and damage ranges

  • Our most popular methodology

  • Best for identifying relevant jury selection criteria in polarizing cases

  • Mid-high-range cost


Mock Jury Simulation


  • Designed for use when trial is highly likely

  • Best for final dress rehearsal, fine-tuning arguments and visual aids

  • Excellent for testing damages/punitive claims

  • Higher cost


Shadow Jury


  • Designed for real time feedback at trial

  • Best for high-exposure cases with agile trial teams that can react quickly and creatively to feedback from shadow jurors

  • Provides detailed, twice-daily updates to parties unable to attend trial

  • Highest cost



Need a custom proposal quickly? Call or contact us today.

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