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Reptile (David Ball & Don Keenan), Rules of the Road (Rick Friedman & Patrick Malone), and other such strategies have proven wildly successful for plaintiff’s lawyers in products liability, negligence, employment, injury, and malpractice cases—almost $4.5 billion in verdicts and settlements, self-attributed to the Reptile system.


This is due in large part to the fact that no definitive body of knowledge has been organized and deployed by defendants to counter them. 

Until now.

The Best Evidence Method is designed to level the field in cases where emotional issues threaten to unduly prejudice the interpretation of evidence. Our goal is not to make the jury emotionless—obviously impossible—but to inoculate against and redirect attempts to inflame sympathy, fear & anger.


Our system seeks to bridge the gap between jurors’ individual sense of right and wrong and the relevant legal standards 

 by demonstrating their congruence.


The Best Evidence Method connects jurors’ core emotions to higher principles of fairness, Law, and rational thought. The Method culminates by presenting decision makers with a reasonable, evidence-based conclusion they can justify and feel good about rendering.


The Best Evidence Method involves objective testing of techniques and continual refinement.  Our services include education for claims teams and trial lawyers, ongoing jury research efforts, and individual case consultations.


Contact us today to get started.


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