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Defense Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case in Alachua County

Best Evidence provided Dell Graham, P.A. with a full set of trial tools enabling the defense to win a medical malpractice case in Alachua County, Florida. Jury research identified key themes which were turned into visual form and presented electronically for maximum juror recall. Lead Attorney, Dale J. Paleschic, stated that he felt the jury selection assistance was the key component in winning this case. The jury selection criteria came from a combination of case specific data and Best Evidence’s proprietary jury selection database. With the creation of an electronic database, the design and production of exhibits, Best Evidence, Inc. was able to assist Mr. Paleschic in presenting a thematically seamless and convincing case. The plaintiff knew he was beaten and as a last ditch effort in closing tried to obtain sympathy for his “low-tech” case approach. Jurors rejected that argument soundly in returning a defense verdict in less than two hours.

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