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Total Cost


The value, or ROI, of any jury research investment is determined by the team's ability to put the information learned to good use and achieve a superior outcome.


Traditionally, mock trials and focus groups have been conducted late in the case cycle and in reaction to problems.  At this stage, it is often too late to “turn around the ship”--the value of the research is limited because underlying structural problems remain in the case due to uninformed discovery decisions.


Best Evidence typically performs research starting early in the case cycle to uncover and address these problems head on.  What lay jurors tell us about the case can be used to direct discovery and frame the case for mediation and trial.  Instead of hoping for a better outcome, strategic changes can be made early on and actual results observed.  


Our research protocols allow us to test early and inexpensively, to re-test using what is learned, and to improve outcomes dramatically.  Having the opinions of randomly-sampled mock jurors guide activity throughout the case cycle provides more real value than a late-stage mock trial or the opinion of so-called “jury experts.”  

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