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Witness Workouts


There is a direct and near-linear relationship between how favorably the parties are perceived by jurors and the awards that obtain. 


Every case we have tested has demonstrated this trend. 


Each incremental improvement in witness likability results in improved outcomes, as can be seen in the graph of data below from the Best Evidence Damage Award Database. 







Incremental improvement in the favorability of key defense witnesses results in a significant decrease in average award against defendants--there is significant outcome improvement even when taking an already "favorable" witness to “very favorable."


In other words, even if you think you have a good witness, you will get significant improvement in outcomes by making incremental improvements in witness performance--similar to those you get from turning a problem witness around.




We provide quick and effective witness preparation services, called "workouts", that can improve any witness’ performance.  The simple truth is that you can’t afford to have your key witnesses be anything but their best.  


What do we do that lawyers can't or don't?  We focus on the persuasive effect of the witness' story, taking the layperson's perspective rather than a legalistic one.  


Using powerful persuasion and influence techniques such as storytelling, embedded commands, rapport building, and many others, we draw forth the best from your witnesses and enable them to be liked by the jury, trusted by the jury, and believed by the jury.


Contact us today to get started.

Best Evidence
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