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Timeless Words of Wisdom (WoW) for the Courtroom
Quotes You Can Build a Case Around


The best $20 you will ever spend on your development as a trial lawyer!


Two words define the potential jurors the modern trial lawyer encounters:

Diverse and complex.

Jurors have more complex layers of knowledge, opinions, and attitudes on more topics from more sources than ever before.  And even within apparent ethnic, religious, socio-economic, and political groups, a wide range of diversity exists. 

How does one find unifying themes and ideas that resonate with such a motley group?

The answers are here, in this app.

These proverbs, aphorisms, metaphors, quips, and quotations have been hand-selected because they contain entire stories and unassailable truths compressed within them.  They convey a lot in a few words, and cover themes and issues common to most courtroom disputes.  Browsing the app serves as a form of brainstorming that is second-to-none. 

Success in courtrooms across the country has proven time and again:

These phrases work.

When skillfully used, the universal appeal of these words can tie an entire case together and unite a diverse jury around your theme, in simple, hard-to-argue-with terms.  Because they speak to universal truths, they engage emotion and speak to the heart.  Indeed, the right quote can become a proxy for verdict.

Here you will find well over 200 quotations that can help you attack the other side’s experts, the greed of the opposing party, the contradictory or nonsensical nature of the adversary’s claims, and more.  You are limited only by your creativity (which this app is intended to help stoke).

These words will work MAGIC when you let them sink in.

Oh, and they are just as effective when strategically placed in an appellate brief or critical motion to the Court.  Judges are people too!

One final note:  The purpose of this collection is to help you simplify and broaden the appeal of your message.  I fear my comments might distract you from the simple power and beauty of these quotes, or from finding your own creative way of incorporating them into your cases, so for the most part, I present them unadorned.


 P.S.  I am confident you will find “gold” in my collection of quotes that will far outweigh the cost of the app.  When you do, please drop me a line and let me know what quote(s) you used and to what end.  I love hearing how creative you can be!

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